Electronica India

Magnetics Component Assemblies

The JTK Experience of experience in stamping and forming of aluminum panels and then riveting or assembling these panels together with screws to form racks or boxes. These capabilities allow us to combine multiple filter inductors and power inductors in one structure. When using these aluminum boxes we have developed techniques for encapsulating these large inductive components with different epoxies to meet different UL insulation system requirements and different thermal efficiency requirements During the development process of these larger magnetic assemblies we work closely with the end customer's Electrical and Mechanical engineering team to make sure that our proposal will meet both their electrical and thermal needs and will fit in the space they have available. magnetic component assembly to allow for a lower thermal.


The magnetic component assemblies are used in UPS, Inverters, and similar high power applications.


  • Wide range of assembly enclosure sizes available.
  • Rack assemblies put together with screws and aluminum panels up to 0.250" thick.
  • Aluminum boxes are riveted together
  • Power handling capability up to 1,000 KVA
  • Use of UL recognized 130C, 155C and 180C epoxies and UL insulation systems
  • Internal core loss and noise loss testing