Electronica India

Watt-Hour Meter Bases

JTK is a leader in the production of bases for electricity meters. Throughout the years JTK has developed all the necessary processes to manufacture the parts. They include injection molding, stamping, tin plating, crimping of terminals, welding,automatic base testing, 2D labeling, and image recognition software utilization for inspection. For current transformers we have developed potting, toroidal winding, computerized electrical testing. Each meter base meter is serialized and the records of the final electrical and mechanical test are automatically recorded for tracking purposes. In addition, each current transformer has a 2D label with the serial number and the records of its final electrical test are maintained. JTK also assembles latching relays for electricity meters. Having all the processes integrated in a single location allows JTK to offer a cost competitive advantage to meter makers.


Our bases for electricity meters are widely used in ANSI and IEC electronic watt-hour meters. They include smart meters with remote disconnection due to the utilization of latching relays integrated to our assemblies. JTK is able to produce meters bases in its China and Mexico facilities to be able to ship them to Asia, Europe and the Americas.


  • According to ANSI or IEC for physical aspects
  • Socket (type “S”) or Bottom-connected (type “A”)
  • Single and Polyphase bases
  • Current transformer, wire harnesses, plastic and metal parts produced by JTK
  • Latching relay assembly